Travel opportunities

25 march 2017 342pmI was asking God if i should go for exchange, cause i wanna have that experience of living and travelling overseas. So i felt a “no”, that He wants me to stay in Singapore, and that I will have much more better opportunities to travel in future. 



I wanna be like a mirror that reflects the nature of Christ so that when people see me, they see Jesus Christ. On top of that, they also see a reflection of Christ-likeness in themselves; their intended identity and who Christ created them to be. 

I’m Thankful

I’m so thankful Lord, things are changing and i appreciate the spontaneous talk I had today with Joanne. From a little random gesture of helping her which sparked off a 2hr+ conversation about our family and friends. And even for naomi for coming into my life to help me out, guiding me, listening to my struggles and giving godly advices. I’m thankful. Tonight my heart is full.

Dear God

Dear God,

On the last day of 2016, I have one request: show me the violent side of you, the side of you who loves actively, intentionally, tenaciously. Show me the compassionate, violent love you have for me and people. Show me that crazy love which lack no gentleness and honor. Show me, your furious love.

19 Nov 2016

“Look out, what do you see?”
“I see a construction site.”

“What else?”

“Many buildings.”

That’s when I realised God was reminding me to look at the many many things He has already done for us instead of just focusing on the small site that’s still under construction.

He’s made it all for you, and it’s all at your disposal. Tap into what He has done and appreciate them. Use it.

Look at what He has done in others’ lives and appreciate them, the parts He has made beautiful.