Church Camp + Aftermath

The past week has been encounter after encounter with the living God, being baptised in His fire, His Holy Spirit, and in love. So much words were released. On several occasions, I see the throne room of God wide open in front of me, as if God is inviting me in. Experiencing His delight in me also made me realise He likes me as well, without me having to do a thing! 

Today, at Generations service, as Will Hart was speaking, I felt the Holy Spirit on me already. Towards the end of his preaching, I felt so overwhelmed with power, I screamed my lungs out at its maximum capacity, surprising myself with the volume of the screams. My hands went completely numb with power, in an extent I haven’t felt in a long, long while. This could have been one of the most powerful manifestation I’ve experienced to date. 

I have no idea why I’m feeling so much, but I just want more. I’m hungry for more of His power and love. I want to see God face to face, knowing His heart and knowing His ways.


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