New Beginnings

This Ressurrection weekend (aka Easter) is like God giving many of us a new beginning indeed. A friend who broke up with his 2-year gf and his grandma died in the same week, is struggling through the break up now but I believe it is the right decision and he will come back stronger. Today just got news from a friend who confessed to another friend last night and it was mutual. And then my tenant of 3.5years suddenly moved out yesterday when they got notice that their new home was ready. 

These few incidents made me realise this act of Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the dead is giving many a new beginning indeed. More than just saving us, he is giving many of us a second chance and a new start to a new season or phase in life. It’s not just a symbolic event that christians celebrate, but a real life event that happened about 2000years ago and still applies for today. 

Also, just yesterday, an idea birthed in me during cell worship yesterday to carry out a photog project in my neighbourhood (particularly my block). It is a crazy one, for someone without such experience, but it is something I hope to be able to carry out and complete this summer. Expecting many roadblocks along the way, but if this is really something God placed in me, I will have success.

I’m excited for the days ahead. Thank You Jesus


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