less thought more action


this article is so to-the-point. reminds and opens up my mind to the fact that i think too much and have too little actions.

a big part of my regrets in life, is to not take the actions i wanted to or needed to when i could have the opportunity to.

for various reasons, mainly uncertainty and fear, i avoided taking those actions altogether because the thought of failing is so scary, i couldn’t bring myself to face it.

i’m so unhappy and underachieving, struggling with esteem and performance issues because of my lack of actions, not taking risks to experience those thoughts.

i don’t want to live like this anymore. i’m 23, but the kind of life experience i have is way short of my age. by now i should have been through many success and failures in life. i should have been in many friendships/relationships with people that matter and didn’t. by now, i should have overcame many hurts and pain that i was supposed to face over the past 10 years.

but i don’t. because i didn’t try. therefore i lost out. ultimately, i’m the loser not because i tried and failed, but i failed to try.

i must not let this go on. i must put a stop to this poverty cycle that i am in. i’m made for so much more than this.


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