The one dreaded paper

5 paper down, and I’m left with one for this semester.

It’s the toughest of them all, and the one I fear most.

Flung both midterms carrying 15% each, scoring below average.

It’s only 1.5 days away, and I’m so unprepared.

My basics for this mod is weak. I don’t know how am I gonna face the paper on Friday.

Times like this, it’s hard not to think I’m not smart. It’s hard to think I’m good enough when I see my peers doing far better than me while I still struggle with stuffs from midterm.

Throughout the whole semester I was very distracted, even more than the past 2 sems.

I’m at this point tonight where I feel like I’m losing: my grades, my girl (though she ain’t mine yet).

I won’t deny that I’ve been pretty distracted because of her.

Still, I’m proud to say I did make an effort to try and reconnect, to be friends again. Instead of running from my fears, I chose to face it.

Though I’m still not there yet, one day I will get there. I’ll get them both (grades and girl) anyway.

I will achieve my goals.


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