Back to the same question

Tonight, I’m back at the question, “will I ever end up with someone I love? Will I be able to marry the girl of my dreams?”

People say marriage isn’t the end goal, that getting into a relationship isn’t the main thing. I get that. I don’t wanna think bout these yet. I just wanna focus on my studies, on my finals, to get it over and done with, before thinking bout these.

But I can’t stop thinking of you. 😦

I don’t think you feel the same way, nor do you bother that much.

My only source of comfort right now is when I come before God and lay down my feelings for you, and trust in His promise that if I wait, He will provide one for me. She may or may not be you, but she’ll be the one I will love for the rest of my life: the woman of my dreams.


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