What do I want to achieve in this Uni life? 

If I were to do what I do now till I graduate, where will I be after I graduate?

Do I want to carry on doing all these little, cheap satisfactions that seem to bring me everywhere, but in actual fact they lead me nowhere?

Do I want to take the gamble and sacrifice much carefree living and fun for my remaining Uni life, in hope for a better future?

Or do I want to make full use of my Uni life and enjoy life as much as I can, then go out into the working world with no regrets about not trying what I wanted to try? 

I wanna try lots of things, and I don’t wanna regret not trying them. I want to be able to enjoy uni life to the max, instead of losing my life in studies, but I don’t wanna end up nowhere because I have too much fun in uni and neglect my studies. Currently I’m the latter. Doing many things that I’m more inclined to, instead of focusing on my primary goal as a science student.

Is it worth giving up some uni fun and experiences, sacrificing for a ‘better’ future that I’m uncertain of? 
Two scenarios playing in my mind: 

First is the feeling of regret, the lack of fun memories I will have in uni because I choose to put them aside and study hard. I may have a family with kids, but the emptiness that comes from a phase in life I missed out on.

Second is the feeling of regret, for playing too much in uni and not focusing on an expertise, going nowhere towards the end of my uni life, struggling to make ends meet and difficulty to progress in my career.
What do you want, Xuan Cheng, and what are you willing to give up to achieve them?


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