Mental Block relapse


I’m supposed to be studying right now (since 1215am) but it hit me hard again, so this time round I turned to editing this photo to relief myself.

Thought I had gotten over this whole inferiority complex/low self-esteem thing. It’s plaguing my thoughts, like putting a mental road block in my mind. It’s hindering me from focusing on my studies (studying chemistry is something I don’t really enjoy doing).

I don’t know how to unblock this sensation (today, editing photo works). I guess photo editing is a therapeutic move for me to take every time I feel this uneasy mind block.

Having this mental road block sucks. It drains my energy, takes away my focus, removes my ability to do things, making me miserable in a way I shouldn’t be.

I’m gonna declare war. I’m not letting this mental block stop me from moving on, from loving people, loving myself, from taking risks. I will overcome. I just don’t exactly know how yet. God, help me.


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