Dreamt of grandpa

So I had a vivid dream about my grandpa. 

I dreamt he was still alive. In the dream, I was at a wake of some elder, probably a friend’s grandma. I hesitated to go initially, but I went. My grandpa (all black hair, young looking, whom I thought was in his 60s, but looking back, he could be in his 30s) was there! We met, we chatted, the scene changed to what felt like bedok mrt (but looked like clementi mrt), we had a dialogue in English I think, and I think he asked me about grandma if I remember correctly. Somewhere through the dialogue, I was crying real hard, on the floor hugging his feet. I missed him so much in the dream, and I kept telling him that. He reminded me of the journal entries I wrote, about how I regret not spending more time with him, and even joked that if I had spent more time with him, my entries would end up something like a complaint about him. I asked him where he lived, he said bedok south. I cried a bit more, then we parted ways and he left. I was okay for awhile, and then started crying again, then trying to hold back my tears because its public and I’m grown up. The ppl (some ntu friends and their gener friend) bid their goodbye and left too, with the cheong sisters walking into the gantry. I only rmb xj, jez and jud. The dream ended when I’m back home late night, and I see my grandpa in his frail, 80s self, dressed in his usual white singlet and blue striped pants, sitting in front of my half-opened toilet door, leaning on it and hugging my new leather bag pack. With lights coming from the toilet only, he lay there asleep, looking like he missed me while he slept. I think I tried waking him up, and took the leather bag and threw it onto my bed. Then the dream ended..


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