As much as God is a King, He is also a friend. 

As much as He is a friend, He is also a King.

Often times in the bible He says “Go,” we go. When He gives a command, we act in obedience. When He declares what He wants to do, we can’t say no. 

There are other times when He allows us to influence Him with our thoughts and decisions. Like Abraham, Moses and many of the Prophets did, God changed His mind to something He wanted to do because of their intercession. In much the same way, He invites us to talk with Him, tell Him about our thoughts and desires, giving us room to change His mind. That’s what friendship is about: listening to one another and influencing each other’s hearts.

Today, I was just finding a seat to eat my brunch at South Spine Koufu. There were many empty seats, and as I walked pass one of it, I had a sudden prompting to sit there. In fear of being judged for stopping abruptly and walking 2 steps back, I continued a few tables down before settling down. 

Sitting there for 20min, I felt regretful(as usual) for not following the prompting. Then, a thought struck me: Maybe the Holy Spirit just wanted to help me find a seat, suggesting me to sit there. Maybe there isn’t anything divine or amazing that’s going to happen. Maybe He just wants to connect with me at where I am, living my daily life. Maybe it is just so simple, but we humans like to make things complicated.


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