Life like a Tie-dye

I don’t know how to feel about it. So many things happened the past few weeks, and even today alone, so many mix of events and emotions. 

The weekend had been a great one, because of THE CAMP 2016 that took place. Never did we expect it to be so amazing. God was totally in it. He made this camp possible, from the start to the end, we see His hand in this. The weather was perfect for us. Rain held back exactly during the period of time when we needed a dry weather. Everything just went so smoothly (though we the camp comms were scurrying to meet the schedule timings), and it did feel like God orchestrated the whole flow for us. He backed us up while we gave our best. The people enjoyed it, we as camp comm enjoyed it, and I’m sure God enjoyed it too.

Today, the NTU peeps celebrated my birthday with me. Though we aren’t all that close, Abel planned a cook party for us and we had a good time playing “connect” throughout the time after dinner. I also bought a used Canon 5d mark ii dslr camera (body) from a guy on carousell at $585 today. Yes, I feel like I’m crazy doing this, but yet at the same time am feeling so excited about this buy. Never in my life did I imagine myself owning a full frame professional level camera, and it feels like a dream come true that I’m finally pursuing one of my teenage dreams: to learn photog. 

Right now I’m at a stage where I wanna learn many stuff. I’ve never felt so driven in such a long time (last I remember, was during my rubik’s cube frenzy days back in sec 1&2). Beside photography (which includes photo editing), I wanna learn videography (& video editing), improve in guitar, keyboard, singing and drums. It seems impossible to learn all these and be good at them within the next 3 years while I’m studying Chemistry in Uni, because of the lack of time and focus to practice. 

Right now, I feel like my life is just like a set of tie-dyed shirt; it’s soaked in a mixture of many colours. The design, even if done the same way as others, will turn out pretty different. The outcome is unpredictable. In the same way, I’m gonna find the original me as I explore in these areas of interest. They’re totally not what I grew up on. I grew up as a science/math nerd. Not an artsy or musical person.

One day, my sis asked me, “would you like to be a jack of all trades but a master of none?” 

“Yes, I would want to be a jack of all trades in the arts & music area, but not for the long haul,” my heart replied.

I’m so excited to learn them all now. For all I know, I’m gonna find one or two of these area of interests where I wanna pursue them wholeheartedly. That’s when I know I’m gonna give my all and fly.


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