Something’s Changed.

Something’s changed, but I don’t know why.

Within a week or two, I feel like I’m becoming a different person. I feel like I’m finally starting to mature; in my thoughts, words, and actions.

I’m still the chatty annoying me, but I’m no longer thinking like a child. 

I start thinking about my future. I start thinking about my future family. I start thinking about other people more than about myself. 

I can’t exactly explain, but I feel like I’m really, really starting to live life. Like I’m actually finally growing in wisdom.

Could it be the nervousness from driving test this morning? Could it be the games I played that gave me a good adrenaline feel? 

Maybe it is just a prayer I made years back, and then again recently. I wanted to grow up and be a responsible, matured man. 

Maybe that’s where I’m heading to.


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