QOTN (what are you doing ministry for?)

“Start making your ministry about mission, not meetings; about making disciples, not more appointments; about accomplishing a vision, not a task list.

You know you want to.

It’s why you got into youth ministry to begin with!

It’s the ember that’s burning down deep in your heart. It may have cooled a bit over time, but it’s still there … sizzling … ready to be fanned into flame (2 Timothy 1:6).

How do you even start to fan it? You pray! Pray for your teenagers! Pray for their lost friends! Pray for their schools! Pray for revival!

And don’t stop praying until God brings it!

Your connection with Jesus in prayer will turn this burning ember first into a bonfire, and then into an inferno that consumes you, your teenagers and your community for Christ!

As you pray, start “gospelizing” everyone and everything. Gospelize the people you meet. Gospelize your teenagers. Gospelize every talk and every program. Gospelize your life.

In the Gospels and the book of Acts, it’s the act of engaging others with the message and mission of Jesus that energizes every passage and every page.

So stop wasting your life doing youth ministry.

And start leading the way for a different kind of youth ministry … the kind of youth ministry we all should have been doing from the very beginning”

Don’t Waste Your Life Doing Youth Ministry


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