First day of work on top MBS

So today we had to host nearly 800 ppl for an annual event of a certain German company. It was my first day at work, and needless to say, I’m nervous. I wasn’t sure if I was able to bear working 10hr non stop.

We were to report at 4pm for work, and end at 2am. Our role is to be waiters and serve the guests food n drinks. I had no experience prior to this, so I didn’t know if I could do it, especially when I struggle with shyness and am introverted. I accepted the job anyway, taking the courage to face those fears.

What happened at my first day of work was nothing short of fun, and best of all, I could see the goodness of God in it.

We arrived at 4pm, settled some admin stuff, and went for our mandatory 1hr shift break (when work hadn’t even started!). The staff dinner is buffet, managed by MBS. So we had free buffet for dinner just now. It was SEDAP. After the break, starts the briefing. We were briefed of who’s the VIP to look out for, who’s doing what role. I was selected to be an assistant bartender (only 2 out of the many part-timers got selected). All I had to do was serve 2 types of beer, a red wine and a white wine, fruit juices, soft drinks, and sparking water. No need for complicated alcohol mixing n stuff! (For someone who follows the church’s stand in not drinking alcohol, it’s a safe environment to be working in, with little temptation to drink.) After the event ended, I realised my role was the most enjoyable (the rest complained about strained wrists, from carrying heavy trays for long hours). I enjoyed serving drinks to the people, and was thankfully manageable with the help of friendly full-time bartenders.

When on our way back, the east bus (yeap, there’s free ride home) has only 3 people, meaning I could reach home way earlier than I thought (I was last to alight cause I live the furthest). So awesome right!

All in all, I’m so thankful that I worked this job with an attractive part-timer pay ($10/hr), new and enjoyable work experience, and the fast free ride home. I cannot not see God in this. I feel like He watches over me and blessed me with this experience. What a night it was.


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