Love for Badminton X Burden for Changkat

Though I haven’t played in years (7 years to be exact), I still miss playing badminton. It was my favourite sport in secondary school; the only sport I spent time training for. We weren’t the best, not even close to being average, but I loved playing it. Back then, I wished we had more trainings (only had once per week every Monday). I remember bugging Mdm Lee for more days to train for a long time, but to no avail.

I still remember the days when we went home all sticky and stinky from training, boarding the packed peak-hour train home in our school team jersey.

Back then, we also had a desire to see Changkat Changi Sec (my sec sch) transformed. We would spend certain Wednesday mornings, before morning assembly, praying for the school and our friends. We also dreamed of preaching on the school stage, sharing the gospel to our friends & teachers. I remember, on many occasions, drawing tongues of fire all over the school logo on my foolscap papers.

In lower sec, were afraid of preaching directly to our friends, so what we tried sharing Christ to our friends through MSN messenger. There was once when we had a big event (One Big Day), all of us distributed the flyers so passionately that one can find a flyer in every notice board, all if not most of the classes, and also some toilet mirrors. In upper sec, I disconnected myself from these group of radical lovers of God and went to do my own stuff, only to find myself back with this bunch of people after graduating from Changkat.

That desire for revival in Changkat died down about a year or two after graduation, and it wasn’t until recently when I felt the burden for Changkat again.

Right now, we do not have any current Changkat students in GY. I’m asking God for 5 (4+1) students, all lower sec. Once we do have them, I hope that they’ll attend one of the badminton outreach GY has. Then, there’ll be a valid reason for me to visit the outreach, to play badminton and connect with the youths. I wanna do something for Changkat again. I want to be able to help raise these 5 kids up to become people that God uses for His work in Changkat. My prayer for them is that they will be in good hands, be under good leadership and undergo proper discipleship, so they can go and change the school they are in. If there’s any help i can offer to them, I would want to, as long as I’m helping and not causing more harm than good. I hope through my interactions with them, they can learn from our success and failures, so our ceiling will be their floor.


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