10 years

While looking through those old Facebook photos, can’t help but have a mixed feeling of nostalgia + urgency.

Nostalgic because of the past, but yet wonder where all those years went. Those 10 years flew by. What have I accomplished? What have I done/not done? How much of those 10 years did I actually lived in “the now”, living my life then to its fullest?

It’s scary, because the next 10 years can just zoom pass like that. In 10 year’s time, I don’t want to look back to today and find myself wasting these precious years away.

The past 10 years I have not lived it to the fullest, and boy do I wish I had faced my fears and made some bold decisions back then so I don’t have to be struggling with some of it now.

But now that it’s all in the past, let’s make sure the next 10 years will be well spent: living life on the line, growing ourselves, and giving our best in all we do. In all we think/do, let love be the motivation. Not fear, not insecurity, but love.

Let’s go.


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