A battle was won, tonight.

Just kinda helped defuse a ticking time-bomb. A friend of mine who had a shotgun marriage was contemplating how to run for his life and away from his wife, after finding out that the wife wanna find ways to get him to do what she wants (aka control/manipulate him). He has his struggles, and his wife her struggles. They came together and things just went downhill since the day they got married. The tension was so bad that I could feel some on my side even through text. Am so happy that it ended on a peaceful note tonight. Felt the release and the peace after conversing with him for an hour plus. Times like this, I feel like a winner. And I know God was in this. He still is. God, help my friend. He needs you, his family needs you.

Tonight, a battle was won, but not entirely yet. There’s more to come.


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