You fight for me.

Just awhile ago, I was feeling distressed. Maybe I was feeling my dad’s inner world, or maybe there is some unresolved issues I have with him that I do not know.

Leaving the room for a short while to find my peace, I came back reading Psalm 20 & 21, but i couldn’t finish it. I was feeling distressed, this time round it’s with the thought that I’m not ending up with someone I like right now (at least that’s what I feel, about 80% convinced about it).

As I lay on my bed, I felt led to read Psalm 21:8  which says, “Your hand will find all your enemies; Your right hand will find those who hate You.”

Peace came in.

God will find all my enemies. He will rid me of all those who hate him: spirit of fear, shame, distress, condemnation, etc. They will be bound and sent back to where they belong. He will not let me be given to these things, He will not leave me in the ditch. He is here with me, and He’s here to help. I’m here with Him, and I’m here to fight.


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