The Beast, just Beast.

I don’t watch Disney much, but my current favorite would be Beauty and the Beast, after watching the musical sometime last year.

Each time I displease a woman or made her feel uncomfortable without the intention to, I feel like I could identify with the Beast. The Beast had a good heart; he just didn’t know how to relate to people and he didn’t have a good esteem of himself. He isolated himself from the world while growing up, and found it hard to connect with people when they start walking into his life. He would unintentionally hurt others, although he didn’t intend to.

He wants to help, he wants to befriend people, but somehow he just could not do it. One day, he met the Beauty and fell in love with her over time. She didn’t liked him. In fact, she was terrified of him initially because of his looks, but later on it got worse because of his actions. He would scare her away, out of the insecurity of his heart, even though he wanted her close.

Eventually he broke out of that curse, and they got together and with all those typical fairy tale ending.

This probably sounds super kiddish and immature to all who read it, but it resonated with me because of the struggles I have that most don’t seem to go through. Of course, like I said, I only identify with the Beast. The Beauty part is just some fairy tale that I don’t think is gonna happen. Beast bro, I feel you.

Alright, time to snap out of my thought world and start studying for my Bio finals which is in 2 days’ time.


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