Big Baby Taylor story

Another thing that happened today was that I almost got a brand new big baby Taylor at $395 (retail price $495~599). I was kinda saddened by it because I thought i could have gotten the deal. Maybe I didn’t act fast enough, I thought. Maybe because I hesitated initially, which led me to being put in queue. I was sad initially, but soon after got over it because I know God WILL give me an even better & well-suited one. I just gotta wait. I want a better guitar right now to practice fingerstyle on, but I’ll wait.

It somehow led me to think, for a few short min, about my love life. It’s like as if the person I think is so awesome & attractive right now; the good deal, the one I want so badly, isn’t the best suited for me. It’s like God has someone else in mind that’s way better and more suitable. I just gotta be patient. I really do want to experience the joy of being in a relationship with a woman I’m infatuated with, but I’m gonna wait, wait for His timing. I believe His plans are made perfect in His timing.

EDIT: Am currently eyeing for a Taylor GS mini(koa or RW)!


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