Praying for Strangers

Yesterday, I learnt that opportunities can be missed so easily if we aren’t aware, fearful, or ain’t prepared.


This picture depicts of an opportunity that I could have easily missed if I didn’t obey that little stomach-stirring in me (which I thought could be the Holy Spirit’s prompting).

At first, I wanted to ignore it, like how I usually would, giving the excuse that I may be thinking too much. Those times I did that, it was out of fear and discouragement, and sometimes out of selfishness and pride.

At that point of contact with Mr Holy Spirit, I had to decide: to ignore and carry on with my own life and act as if I didn’t feel anything, or approach her and take that risk. I approached her.

What happened next was subtly incredible. I’ll get into that in awhile.

I felt led to pray for her mom (who’s in a wheelchair), and we found out that she got saved not too long ago. She needed physical healing and also had a desire to see her family saved. As we talked, i felt I have to pray for her daughter (the one in the picture). The funny thing was, everything that wanted to come out of my mouth were stuffs that I’ve been praying to God about, so I struggled to let the words come out as I thought it wasn’t for her. She later told me that she was touched to hear me pray those because she’s been feeling the lack of faith and boldness to do what’s on God’s heart. I also prayed for God to give her strength as taking care of an elderly with dementia isn’t easy.

The conversation that followed spoke to me. She was saying there was this Chinese pastor who spoke on healing and went to pray for people who’s sick. He would pray for each sick people he walked past in the church. Nothing happened. He kept praying for sick people nonetheless, until one day he broke through, and healings start taking place on a regular basis.

This spoke to me because it meant that it isn’t by my own strength or might that people get healed. It isn’t a very difficult thing to pray for people on the streets, if it wasn’t up to me to decide who’s healed. All I have to do is lay hands and pray, bless, speak life, and let God do the rest. That also means that I don’t have to be hard on myself if people don’t get healed. All I have to do, is to obey and go.


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