Another night

Tonight’s another night where I wonder about what I want to do in life.
I chanced upon random blog posts and instagram feeds of people who have found what their passion (and are already pretty established in them). These people are only between the age of 19~23.

I’m turning 23, and I’ve yet to find out what I truly want to do in life.
I have many dreams: some are bigger, while others not so big. They are awesome, but many of them seem so out of reach. I believe I can attain some of them if I work hard at it, but the thought of starting out later than many others just makes me think all these things I desire aren’t gonna come to pass. 

Come to think of it. Many of these people who are walking in their dream (or on their way there) exposed themselves to their interests when they were much younger, probably around 14yo. Even if they start at 17, they already have 6 years of experience by the time they hit 23.

Why oh why, does the thought of missing out on living those teenage years make me feel like I can’t be successful in future?

Is God so small, that you would not believe that He can redeem the time lost and do what seems impossible and beyond?


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