LASIK dream

Another day to face, another day of studying to brace through. Instead of the usual dread of waking up thinking I have to study, I awoke from a weird dream: My braces Dentist recommended me to do lasik, and I readily agreed, thinking I needed it. On the spot, he did it for me, without telling me the cost and details. So I went home, told my dad about it. His response wasn’t that great. Then it dawned on me: why did I do that? I didn’t need lasik! I had perfect eyesight. I tried to reason with myself that I needed it cause my eyesight was failing me, like how it did last night(in real life) where there were some blurred spots for about 30-40min.

No idea to why this dream, but it felt pretty real when I was in it. Waking up from the dream was a relief, because I knew I regretted that decision. If I were to do lasik, I had to wear sunglasses everywhere I go for 3 months! Definitely, I would have to face some criticism from people around as to why I would do it when I had perfect eyesight. That was a pretty stupid decision.

I don’t understand this dream, but if it is from God, I hope to get an interpretation from it.


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