“Hall Cell”

So today, I attended a “hall cell” at hall 8. It’s my first time there, and they’ve been having it every Monday night since last sem. It was made up of people from different Churches and some who’ve stopped attending church. 

What happened was we had a short time of singing worship songs, followed by asking some questions about God and life. So we went a few rounds to share about our experience, our opinions of certain stuffs, and then close off with a word of prayer.

It wasn’t much, but after having an AAR with some of them, I felt a sense of “I wanna do something more” for my “Tuesday nights” group. Maybe can can have a time of short sharing of the word and edification occasionally instead of just prayer meeting every week. Maybe we can incorporate some vision casting, or healing/prophetic reach-out sessions. Maybe we can do more for our friends in hall through invitations to join our community. 

There’s so much we can do. I long to see that day come when I graduate, seeing growth in this life group I started. I long to see people’s lives; Lecturers, students, janitors, and foreigners’ lives being touched and impacted by the love of God because of what we chose to do. I want to see salvations and lives transformed by the glory of God throughout my years in Uni. I want to impact the society I’m in by laying down my life for His glory and His name.


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