What if I were to die young?

This thought came to me as I was sitting at my desk, preparing the read my bible:

“What if I were to die young, like age 33?”

Thoughts of what I’m gonna do flooded my mind. It wasn’t a fearful thought. It was just a really logical thought of: “what would I do if I knew I only had 10 years to live? Would I live like how I would now? How will I spend my time and efforts preparing myself, my family and friends for this?”

Initially, I found it hard to face this. I don’t want to die young; I want to live a longer life. Then, I thought, “what’s holding me back? Wouldn’t it be more wonderful to be living in my home(heaven)?”

Random thought, but it sure got me thinking deep.

There’s more to what I thought, but I shall stop here.

P.S. Not gonna die young, unless God really intends to take me up young. Then I would really be like Jesus (He died at 33). His life impacted many; I hope mine would too.


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