Planning is so important. 

It’s so important to have a plan.

Not everything will go as smoothly as we planned; every plan will subject to changes.

However, with no plan, there won’t be any progress; there won’t be any lasting results.

I hated planning. I hated preparing beforehand for a meeting, for a presentation, even for my own life (which I tend to waste much of my time away). No plans leads to a blissful life, I thought.

I was wrong. So wrong.

Nothing will go according to plan, but nothing will be done when there’s no plan.

I urge you, brother, to plan for your life. Plan for your future: your career, your love life, your friendships, your relationships with people. Plan for your kids, plan for your family. Even in studies, make plans to learn. 

Make plans, and carry them out. You’ll need to tweak it along the way, but ultimately you have to follow through your plans to reach the goal. 

Start planning. Stop procrastinating.

Every aim is followed up with a detailed plan.

Carrying out those plans is what sets you out from the rest.


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