Loving myself

Waking up thinking bout people, thinking bout things.

Thanks to the mosquito, i couldn’t sleep.

Alright end of poem (HAHA).

6am in the morning, got me thinking bout random things in life that affects me.

As i was looking for stuffs on Carousell, it dawned on me that if I can love myself better, I can love others better. For me, i believe that means to learn to groom myself and give more thoughts to dressing up: Love myself by valuing my beauty, as irky(I’m trying to mean disgusting or gross) as it might sound.

Some people respond to their poor self-image by overdressing themselves. Some others, like me, do the opposite.

(C’mon, there’s nothing embarassing or condemnable about dressing up and looking good. As vain as it may seem, people like it when you dress well. Nobody’s gonna condemn you for that.)

Talking about this…it’s time: to put aside some money for shopping. (No more being lazy dude. Don’t try saving the money you should spend. You’re amazing.)


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