Struggling isn’t bad. I thought it was. When a tough situation arises, I tend to avoid or hide from it. Running was my ‘solution’ to all the difficulties I faced. Since young, I lacked the courage to deal with situations; I would be so afraid that I run from them. When put on the spot, I would crumble on the inside and my mind would shut down(or jam). Over the years, it became my default response whenever I feel overwhelmed. 

 It wasn’t until today that the thought struck me: struggling isn’t bad. Struggling is a sign of growth. It means that I am growing in the area that I struggle with, as long as I allow myself to sit in it and keep trying. Struggling doesn’t mean I’m lousy or useless. It just means I’m not certain how to deal with this yet, and I’m learning as I go along.

I’m not stupid; I’m not weak. I’m not useless; I’m not a loser.

I am growing; I am learning. I am improving in the areas where I struggle in.

My struggles don’t define me; they are here to make me grow. If I don’t face them, I won’t grow. If I don’t walk through it, I won’t learn. 

I’m gonna stay, not leaving until I overcome them: weaknesses, mountains, and fears.


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