“Far more than what we can ask or think…”


When my dad sent this picture into our group chat today, i was blown away by His love for us.

As i grew older, more of my prayers have been “God i want this” instead of “let Your will be done”. I couldn’t stand the thought of not getting the things I wish for, and one of the struggles i have been facing my whole life is about not listening to God regarding the girls i like at each phase.

When He says no, i would insist for Him to say a “yes”. I would question, “why not?” And sometimes i would even ignore the prompting i feel, partially because my flesh desires for it and also because I don’t trust what I feel (what if that wasn’t God speaking but just my own assumption?).

Yeap, my other major struggle is hearing God’s voice and trusting that it is Him, because of the many failed attempts of hearing Him. I used to automatically assume an answer is from Him using the “1st thought” rule, which failed a lot of times. Haven’t really recovered from the disappointments of those failed attempts.

Anyway back to the main point, today I am reminded that God is good and He wants to bless me far beyond what I can ever ask or imagine.

I choose to believe God will do it. I choose to believe He is a good good Father, until proven otherwise.


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