Changing. I’m not useless

For the bulk of my life, I thought I’m useless, that I can’t amount to anything much in life. I thought, whatever I desired, I’m not deserving of it. My life was a failure. I thought I was a failure, never gonna make it in life. 

I know now many would say I’ve been through commando, got into a local U, am prophetic, and very nice guy. What’s there to feel lousy about?

I found that part of the reason was the condition of my heart & mind. Another part of it is comparing what I don’t have or lack in. One other part is that I am not being at the level where I perceive I’m supposed to be at; the sense of being way behind others in certain areas of my life. 

However, that’s gonna change tonight.

When I see there’s a severe lack in an area of my life, instead of self-pity and condemning myself for being weak or useless, I’m gonna admit it and work on it. I’m gonna seek help from people if needed. I’m gonna go to God and tell Him all about it. I’m not gonna let the challenges intimidate me.


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