Tonight I am thankful

Tonight, I’m just thankful for the ups & downs and the late night thoughts.
I’m just thankful for the emotional coaster ride where I feel so overwhelmed and hurt for reasons that didn’t make sense and that I don’t know why. (At that moment, my emotions seemed like many colours: rainbow-like [yes, i could ‘see’], splashing all over, untamed and all over the place.)
Thank You for allowing me to feel the way I felt, and more importantly, to be there quietly watching over me and staying by me even when I don’t see or feel You.
I was afraid; I didn’t want to face it(my emotions), but You made me strong.
You made me realise that I have emotional needs, equally as much as girls do. You helped me to be courageous and overcome it.
I overcame, because I chose not to numb it. I broke through, because You made me to be victorious.
My joy comes in the morning; my joy comes after the mourning.
Thank You for all You have done for me. Nowhere can I ask for such an experience like this. It’s tonight where I’ve experienced life: the down side where I feel emotionally distraught.
In my despair, You stretched out Your mighty hand and pulled me up. Out from the ditch I came with mud all over. You made me clean.
Inadequacy, feelings of insignificance, they’re all done away with. I am honoured to be loved, honoured to be victorious in Your name.
I love You, my Lord and my God.


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