My firsthand experience in Jamband

Right now am at jamband prac for the upcoming cultural night. Am so lost with what’s going on, yet enjoying the music they’re playing. For the first time i get to see where i stand skillwise. In short, i suck lol. Can’t keep up with the right chords, tempo and strum patterns. The people are so nice, and they’re really good at what they do. Apparently, from what i heard, almost all of them here are Christians? Wowowowow.

Being here, i feel like I just left my little well and seen a little more of the world outside. I have this sense that i need to improve, and have to improve tremendously. Not easy for someone who’s pretty tone-deaf right now, out of key and out of tempo.

I want to improve. Now the only thing is, how am I gonna do it? Who can I ask, where can I find the resources to learn all these technical stuffs?


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