Comparison. Recently I’ve realised the bulk of my life, I’ve been comparing myself with people all around. That’s why I would feel down for no unfortunate reason, or I would think that I’m lousy or useless. It robbed me from the joy I’m supposed to have, and it has taken away a big part of my life that i am supposed to be living had i not compared myself with others.

Seems like this comparison disease is so widespread, it has infected so much more precious lives than we are aware of. It killed the dreams of many before they even begin. It robbed people of the joy of simple living and work hard without worrying so much about the outcome, how we fare against others. It robbed me of my joy, the love for myself & for others, my dreams & hope, my desires, and the many things i could have accomplished had i not compared myself with others and given up because i dont fare as well as others.

Joy, you’re gonna stick with me. Love, I’m not gonna let you go. Peace, you’re gonna stay. Heart & mind, you’re gonna help me fight all these comparison virus that has gotten into my bloodstream. Friends, they are my support who will help me become the man i am made to be.

Comparison, the only place I’m letting you stay is in the factory of testimony where you show me how much i have grown and how much more i can improve, to become the man i am created to be.


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