Sermon on Open Heavens by Bill Johnson

Anybody who is abiding with Christ has an open heaven with them. The Holy Spirit was given without measure; so all measurements are on our end. He will give you the measure of His presence YOU will jealously guard.
A dove is easily frightened or spooked. It’s a picture of the Holy Spirit. “Do not quench or grieve the Holy Spirit”. To quench is to stop the flow. To grieve is with attitude, ambition, & actions to do something that is against the will of God.

While the Holy Spirit lives inside of every believer, He doesn’t rest on every believer. He was “imprisoned” in every unbelieving believer, because in us, He meant it to be a river and not a lake.

“The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”
The Kingdom of God is in the Holy Spirit. The Kingdom is contained by the presence of the Spirit of God.

What faith means is we live from heaven towards earth. He’s equipped His sons & assigned us with authority to deal with problems. So many Christians ask God to bind the devil, but Jesus told us to do it.
How long would you have your job if you ask your boss to do what he told you to do?

In Capernaum, Jesus said if the miracles that happened there were to happen in Sodom & Gomorrah, they would still be around. In other words, they would have repented.
What did they have? An intercessor. What do they not have? A miracle worker.
Sometimes prayer/intercession alone is not enough. Prayer removes the barrier; we still have to go in to take the spoil.

The yielded imagination becomes the sanctified imagination. And it’s the sanctified imagination that positions for visions and dreams.

He(Jesus) set aside divinity and functioned as a man completely dependent on God. He was modelling how it was like as a person without sin, and is empowered by the Spirit of God.


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