Hall CNY steamboat dinner

We had hall steamboat dinner and towards the end, there was some lucky draw. As i dont know the ppl there, i was so afraid that they would call my name till i pleaded with God not to let my name be drawn, so i dont have to go up the stage.

They were having their 5th draw when i just casually prayed to God to let junlin win. Shortly after, he joked about himself getting the 6th draw. True enough, immediately after joking about it, they called his number! Can you believe how amazing this is? God chose to sit in and listen to us about our simple prayers and random jokes!

True enough, my name wasn’t called (thankfully), although I was tempted to test God and ask Him to let me win the last one. Didn’t ask because I know it would be so awkward for me to go up there (I’m sure He knows too). There’s always a time to overcome my fear. Just not at that moment. 😂


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