2 Feb 2016

2 Feb 2016

We had our 2nd NTU Tuesday night worship/prayer session for the semester.
We worshipped for about an hour, when we broke through the dry atmosphere into some connection with God and revelations from heaven.

As i was in worship, I saw the gate “beautiful”, and felt God say He “wants us to be beautiful”. Not in the sense that we aren’t beautiful; He is calling us to a higher level of beauty, where His beauty/glory is manifested through our lives. I got the verse Amos 9:11-14, where I was reminded that God wants to restore the kind of worship David had. He wants us to succeed!
Towards the end, i saw an image of a baby in a mother’s womb, and how God looks so endearingly on it. I then went on to pray against abortion in this world, where millions of babies are “legally” killed every year.
Some of them got reminded of their heart for the sexually disoriented. They felt the need to fast and pray for the burdens God placed in each of us. In fact, fasting and praying is the only way to fight these forces of darkness & to set our friends (who have become captives) free.
We are to shine Christ through our constant worship and connection with God, and the way we live our lives.


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