THIS CHRISTMAS, (GTUNI Christmas Event 2015)

This Christmas,

I’m thankful that i get to celebrate it with a bunch of amazing people from different backgrounds with new people joining us for our GTUNI Christmas celebration.

Today was so much fun, even though there was some awkwardness with the people.

There was such a family feel behind it and we really enjoyed each other’s company and presence.

There were performances from talented people, pretty good food, and even some new friends being ministered to, but above all, the spirit of being in such a family like this is amazing. I never expected myself to enjoy this so much by the end of the event. There was such joy and thankfulness in most, if not all of our hearts. We can even feel that sense of unity coming together as a family of Christ, just like any other fun loving family.

This Christmas, was a good event afterall. I am so thankful and glad that I’m a part of this. 🙂

Thank You Jesus for the people and also for the experience we can’t have on our own or even at altar calls.


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