God’s happy thought

20 Dec 2015

We had our 2nd GT Uni worship session together today. Initially we didn’t want to carry on with it, but Cheryl felt we should go on because we have already chosen to set aside this time for God.

Upon reading that whatsapp message from her, I immediately felt that excitement in God’s heart. That excitement that we chose to set aside this time for Him, and that He is excited to meet with us! So with a few agreements from us, we decided to carry on with the worship session despite after 3 days of back-to-back meeting with the Stumvolls.

We met at 3pm (our usual timeslot) and we just worshipped. Our agenda is to meet with God and to worship Him. Other than that, nothing else. So we worshipped, felt His amazing presence there with us. Then i heard God say He wants to have fun with us. Keeping that thought at the back of my mind, we carried on worshipping. In the midst of worshipping, i see Him sitting on His throne at the top right corner, looking down and smiling with delight over me. He seems like He’s enamored with me. He’s so wonderful. He’s so filled with love. Then, I see Him looking to the woman next to me, with the same exact sad face the woman will have when she is experiencing sadness. It seems like God totally understands how she feels and feels it with her! It is like when she is sad, God is sad too! I felt God wanted her to be happy. So with some procrastination(because i didnt know if i should tell her, knowing she isn’t the sad kind of person), i told her what i saw & felt what God wants for her, and spoke joy over her. Then, everyone in the room went into pairs and started praying for each other. Holy Spirit moved, things started getting messy. But messy is good, when God is in it. In this case, He wants us to have fun, with Him!

For that 1hr plus, we ministered to one another, prayer for each other, prophesied, and God brought healing into people’s hearts through fun.

God is just so amazing. The time was amazing too, but what really stuck with me was the fact that God smiles over me. He’s actually so happy with me. He even delights in me! There’s no condemnation in Him! There’s so much beauty in this.


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