Great so this is keeping me up at night:

Great so this is keeping me up at night:

– Sudden thought about me lacking in passion for anything; that abnormal lack of desire in me

– No plans for the future, not worried(or least bit concerned) about my future

– My inability to authentically connect with people

– Wanting to find help but dk who to go to, even until now

Why am I like this? Why do I think and feel lousy like that? Why don’t I even have the confidence in getting help from the people I want to meet with (eg. Pastors) or even take the initiative to make friends with somebody? Why do I feel so uneasy and lacking in topics to talk about when I am with people, even people I see every othet day? Why does it take me so long to become comfortable with someone? It doesn’t help me in making friends or building connections. I can’t even reach my friends for Christ. I can’t even connect well enough to preach the gospel to them without fear or awkwardness. I can’t even hold a proper conversation with ease. Why?

Why so many ‘can’t’s and 0 ‘can’s?

I can hear people talk for hours on end if need be.
I can


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