Having a future with somebody

We were on our way back after returning the foosball table back to Tristan’s church, when we talked about a birthday gift this dude made for his yet-to-be girlfriend.

It looked something like a box. When opened, the 4 sides would drop, showing slots within slots, full of pictures of their times together.

We talked about how as a man, we have to do it progressively and plan for each birthday or anniversary one better than the previous.

This guy just done it. He made such an awesome hand-made memory box, he just ruined the market for almost every men living on the planet: Men at every phase in relationships, from dating to courtship to marriage.

Back to thinking about the far, and seemingly unreachable tasks of planning for each birthday and anniversary, to proposal and after marriage, I wonder how am I gonna get attached. It just seems so impossible, at least for someone like me, who ain’t as intentional as these people. Call me lazy; I just wouldn’t bother thinking of doing such things(maybe I would when i really start falling in love).

The thought of having to meet the parents and gain their approval, that itself is like a Goliath. How am I gonna do it?

Will I ever pick up that courage to try, fall in love, plan, win the approval of her parents, court, propose, marry, then responsibly take care of her and our family?


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