Taking authority / Changing atmospheres

I just felt so tempted to sin. To watch pornography to be precise, because a random youtube video link that appeared in “recommended videos for you” has a sensored picture as its icon (it’s a crime watch episode on sexual extortion).

The temptation was really strong that felt so hard to resist. I earnest prayed to God and asked Him to help me get rid of this. I felt strength arise in me in the form of confidence and authority. So i took the chance to practice what dutch sheets shared last night on delegated authority. Jesus IS the Government.

So i took that step of faith, uttered in Jesus name that these spirits leave. I felt, for the first time, as if it was Jesus speaking through me. I can sense that level of authority in the words spoken and true enough, these spirits left (temptations left) and i felt God’s peace! I haven’t been able to feel His peace for quite some time. It has been a struggle to connect. But this helped!

Thank You Lord!


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