I was with Matthew long at his house having a chit chat session. It was supposed to be for me to share my inner thoughts & struggles with him, but i realised i couldn’t garner the thoughts that i had, so i couldn’t share them with him. It’s especially so when i don’t feel feel the insecurity/inferiority/intimidation/fear. We chatted for hours but i dismissed it easily as ‘nothing much’ cause i really felt i got over my struggle with low-self esteem the past two days.(apparently i noticed they keep coming back unless i deal with the root)

Just when i left his home, i opened a strengths finder book he gave me. Without reading it, the thought of having to answer the questions with certainty intimidated me. “What if i can’t answer them with certainty, like how i did with most of my personality tests?”
The thought of not being able to answer their questions confidently about myself affected me.


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