Looking back (my journey to receiving Christ)

I received Christ during a time when I felt really lost.
It was after my Os and I was wasting my life at home playing MapleStory and SuddenAttack.
I reached a point where I felt my life was really pointless, and that there’s more to life.
So I prayed to God, whom I kinda believe exists, but just a distant object that I put out of my life, saying: “God, if you are real, open a door for me to go back to Cornerstone(Church).”
Just the next day, Hao Xiong (my then ‘sheperd’ before I stopped going to church) texted me if I wanted to go for Camp KO, and that I have to pay $100 if I wanted to.
I immediately knew it was God. I agreed to go, and it changed me ever since.
I believed in a God who not just exists, but is interested in my very own personal life as well; Someone who wants to be with me and be adored by me. One who loves me and in turn I show my love through worship unto Him.


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