Stop and give thought: Think from the Throne.

Bill Johnson – Thinking From The Throne June 09 2013

“Having a million dollar account and still starving.”

“He died AS you, and resurrected AS you.”

“I’m saying stand on the pinnacle of Ephesians, look across the inheritance and take time, shut down the busyness, shut down the stuffs that draw you away from the greatest reality of all, that is the lamb of God purchased and provided, and put in your name, your account. Stop and give thought. What then am i facing that makes me anxious that Jesus has already put in its eternal place?”

” ‘Reign in life’ means that there’s nothing coming against you that you don’t have authority over.”

“In the same measure Jesus is victorious over every enemy, is the exact same measure you are victorious over every enemy.”

It’s not accomplishing things with great self-will. It’s the person who has encountered God and has seen from His perspective.

“I will not do this for me; I will do this to protect others and empower, so that a clear manifestation of the resurrected Christ is seen worldwide.”

These are just some of the quotes from the sermon.
Now I know why I need to ‘ruminate’ like a cow… there is just so much, humongous truths that the natural mind can understand.

“I will not do this for me, I wil do this to protect and empower”


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