A day at RiverLife

For awhile now (a really long while..), I’ve been feeling stuck with my walk with God. I am discouraged by the fact that I am not able to discern the voice of God over all the other voices, and I am not taking out time to be with the Lord regularly. I don’t value my relationship with the Lord as much even though I wanted to. I lost my love for the Lord, while still participating in many of the Christian stuffs. Occasionally the love did rekindle, but it died after awhile. It became more of my emotions leading me than the Holy Spirit leading me. In fact, I haven’t been reading my bible regularly for 2 years or more, even though I know I need to. Even when I did read it, I would jump around and read whatever verse I like.

Today is just like one of those days where I struggle to not just ‘exist’. One of those days where I carry on with the Sunday routine of life where I wake up early to go to Church. Except that I am going to RiverLife instead with a friend from there. Didn’t plan on going, but went because I agreed to visit the church with a friend 2 years back but haven’t acted what I said.

Service started, we entered into a time of praise/worship, then a short encouragement from the man facilitating the transition. The big screen came on, and we watched a recording of the sermon preached in the service earlier in the day. “A recording instead of a live one, huh?” I thought.

As the preacher went into his message, he got my attention. The whole time, he was teaching about the living/spoken word VS the written word. Presence vs Principles. About how living life with the presence is superior to living life with just principles; how believers who like to dispute about the letter choose to exclude the Presence of God for the inferior Principles taught in the bible. The words in season? It comes when we receive the spoken word while reading the printed words of the bible, when we are in a relationship with the Lord our God and Saviour. How He yearns to be our guide and navigate us through life instead of just leaving us with principles to follow in life. It demands us to have a living relationship with Chirst, and a relationship doesn’t come conveniently; it’s intentional.

He went on with many things, and how we can apply these to our daily life. And because of today, I finally have the answers to the questions I have been troubled with.

I have found the answer to life.


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