Was just checking out the gen cell leaders page on fb, when I realised there’s been more salvations than I know. So much has been happening in the people around, but my zone. It seems like our zone is stagnating, while everyone else is growing and raising up the next generation.

Out of the many salvations, only a few came from my zone, and none from my cell.

It is quite unsatisfactory to know that I’m not doing much impact as an individual. I thought by doing what I do, I can change lives and impact many.

Well it does have some positive effects, and am surprised that it touches some of the people around. But I’m not satisfied about it! I don’t like the fact that I can’t do much to change this world, to lead people to salvation, and to impact my friends so much that they start praising God instead of cursing or mocking Him. I’ve tried, encountered God in ways I’ve never expected, but my life doesn’t seem to have much impact in its surroundings! In fact, I haven’t gotten anyone saved through the way I lived my life!

What must I do to change the world? Am I not doing enough or giving enough to see at least the world around me change for the better? I’ve been trying. Trying to live righteously and yet keep the connection with the people around, not distancing myself from non-believers, especially when they say or do things that I don’t say or do. I just want Jesus to shine, so bright through me that they would stop making fun of Him and start seeing the real Him and begin worshipping Him. Afterall, He deserves all the glory and praise!

What must I do now? Do I just sit here and do the little that I do? Should I strive to do more? Should I dominate the conversation and try to preach Jesus to them? How shall I show the glory of God in a manner that changes them?

Also, what should my zone change or work on in order for us to grow and continue moving on?


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