A failed attempt.

Sigh. Tried to move in the prophetic again after a long while. Failed attempt. Thought I could do it but…what’s success without failures?

I got a meatball mariana subway meal with a certain selection of veggies with honey mustard sauce, a packet of classic lays chip and diet coke.
Got a word that she’s not an old woman,  in her 20s, and is on her own, and I will find her near the pasir ris fish pond.

I did as I felt I was told, went to that fish pond, and a young woman in white blouse appeared at the first few minutes after I arrived at the fish pond. Somehow I knew it was that girl, but she went up the stairs instead of walking into me.

So when I saw that, I thought to myself: “maybe she isn’t the one. I need a sign, God.” Then, I think I heard God say, “chase after her”. I argued back. I didn’t want to do it because I will look like an idiot or a mad man if I get the wrong person. “God, I can’t do this, I’ll look like an idiot.” “Do you want it or do you want your pride?” “I choose pride. Sorry God, I don’t think I can do it.”

So I went one round around the fish pond, hoping to meet another person that I think might be the one. But none of them felt like it. None of them was ‘the one’.

That’s my story. A failed attempt at moving with kindness in the prophetic. To be used to answer many little prayers of others.

Well, at least now I know what I can do:
I can be a prophetic act of kindness worker! Someone who brings joy to the people with the little answered prayers that they receive. That, I believe, can and will impact the many unhappy lives around us.


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